Fans are fucking stupid

I was looking through the news today and I found this article: Dumb fuck stabs some bears fan.

Some total jackoff decided he was SO offended that a bears fan was talking to his wife that he stabbed him and slit his throat. IN A FUCKING BAR. OK HOLY FUCKING SHIT I have so many issues with this. Beyond the obvious…

Let me count the ways:

  1. Jacksonville fans can’t even care to show up at the stadium to watch their team suck. How could anyone possibly care enough to pick up a knife and thrust it into another person?
  2. Man falls to fucking death in his stadium.  Let me tell you what boys. You leave them alone long enough they will kill themselves! Fuck.
  3. He was going to Detroit next week, let them do your stabbing for you.

This looks more like, it was a jealousy issue of one man hitting on another man’s wife. I could only imagine the pick up lines.

  1. “Hey baby, I hear your man’s only worth about 3 points.”
  2. “Why don’t you stick with man to knows what it’s really like to beat up on the weak.”  (The St. Louis fan in the room can cheer now)
  3. “Hey baby, your husband looks as classy as our quarterback.”

The bottom line is; there is no reason for this kind of crap to happen around sports, or to be blamed on sports. Either way, its a game that should be used to take us away from the crap that happens every other day. More to the point:  No one should have to fear to be a fan of any team anywhere at any time.

…unless your a Jets fan…then fuck you.