Zeee Germans!


Here is how it goes down, working on just trying to make a fucking book title and the next thing you know….


OTHER PERSON:  Probably also not a great thing to have printed on the cover.

“The suspicious German doctor did it.”


me:  “Zeee Germans!”



OTHER PERSON:  That is wicked stereotypical of me, isn’t it? I should change that.

I’ll make her Russian instead!  That’s much better right?


me:  Italian


OTHER PERSON:  Damn those Italians! Nothign but trouble, the lot of them… Oh wait…


 me:  Fuck might as well make her Chinese


OTHER PERSON:  Any Asian would work.  We’ve demonized most of them at some point.


me:  Make her a Frankenstein of all of them.

Like 8 arms and shit


OTHER PERSON:  She is a mad scientist. She might have even done it to herself!


me:  “Something isn’t right about her…I can’t put my finger on it.”


OTHER PERSON:  “Well, it could be the 80 fingers SHE has on YOU.”


me:  “What? I thought that was an abacus!”


OTHER PERSON:  The human abacus!


me:  “Look I’m doing long hand division here!”

—God please tell me you are saving this—

In fact….

And that’s how it goes, one person makes it ok, then your off and ripping everyone.