Simple Reminders of Life

It’s 1:48 in the morning; do you know where your thoughts are?

I’ve just settled in with pan of Kraft Mac and Cheese, it’s made like a cheddar cheese salt lick (just like I used to do when I was a kid) and I thought it was time to make another blog post.

This weekend has been a little weird for me, August 3rd. You little bastard.
I know that all my friends are dealing with this in their way, but this is my way. I write. I write a lot. I’m just letting you see it more.

My friend was taken from me by cancer. Taken from everyone that knew her.

That day, was today.

This last week, things keep happening to me, that remind me she was an important part of my life and a very short part of my life. And while I have my friends to remind me as well,  there have been just too many things this week.

It starts with drink I have every Monday now. Who introduced me to it? She did.
I went to check out my subscriptions on YouTube. For some reason she was on the top of my list, I don’t know how, but there she is. I’d forgotten I’d subscribed when she made her video.
I found a post here I made right after her health took a bad turn, I’ve locked it, I don’t bother looking, that’s between her and I.
I found a book she’d lent me at the top of one my book piles last night.
I was looking over my bike tonight, and the custom paint job, she’d helped with, I’d forgotten about that.
20 minutes ago I opened a drawer and handout from her funeral had shifted and made its way to the top of the paper pile.

It’s times like this where I wonder what’s going on out there, it’s worth a question, no matter the answer.

For me, I made my childhood snack, curled up with my blankets and settled back to think about the first time I’d met her and her in her apartment on 4th Avenue.

Her husband and I had been friends for a while before I met her and he’d invited me over for games at their house. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that’s left such mighty impression on me. Those that have met her maybe able to speak to it, I leave you with these simple words.

This has been a interesting week for me and I see it like this; she was such a force in this world there is nothing that can, bury it, lose it, or end it. She lives on in an army hundreds strong. Touched, shaped, and released.
There doesn’t have to be an afterlife to simply live on.  She does for me.

Do what she did, make good friends, be yourself, shape the world in your way.

Do it with class and astounding style.

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